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About “Flow to the Future” - The Flow Hackathon Season 2

The Flow to the Future hackathon is a global competition taking place virtually with over $500,000 in prizes. It welcomes ALL web3 builders – let’s explore the full, composable potential of on-chain logic together – from sophisticated DeFi mechanics to interoperable gaming universes. The hackathon features 6 tracks which are Gaming, AI, DeFi, Mobile, Tooling and Infrastructure, as well as a general track.

The Flow to the Future Manifesto

The Flow to the Future Hackathon is a playground for the daring, the innovative, and the boundary-pushers. We welcome all pioneers of the web3 world to join and unlock the full potential of on-chain logic to create dApps that are more sophisticated, innovative, and accessible to mainstream consumers, disrupting traditional centralized models.

At the heart of this adventure is Cadence, Flow's revolutionary smart contract programming language. Cadence offers a safer, more reliable environment for developers to represent complex interactions entirely on-chain. It’s a language tailor-made to be as accessible as it is mind-bendingly capable of sculpting the intricate logic needed to create entire worlds – worlds where one brilliantly crafted smart contract forms the bedrock for thousands of applications.

With Flow's intuitive developer stack and advanced protocol-level features, you can truly embrace the power of composability to develop applications that not only expand existing platforms but also lay a solid foundation for future innovation.

Whether you're an experienced Flow, or an ambitious web3 builder who’s experienced the constraints of Solidity/EVM and are yearning for more, the Flow to the Future Hackathon is the right place to write the next chapter Web3.

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