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$500,000+ in prizes up for grabs

The Flow to the Future hackathon is a global competition taking place virtually with over $500,000 in prizes. It welcomes ALL web3 builders – let’s explore the full, composable potential of on-chain logic together – from sophisticated DeFi mechanics to interoperable gaming universes. The hackathon features 6 tracks which are Gaming, AI, DeFi, Mobile, Tooling and Infrastructure, as well as a general track. More prize information below!

Ready to start building? Got to the developer portal or check out the dedicated Resources page.

By submitting to the hackathon, you agree to the official rules:


Tracks for “Mainstream Innovation”

Building innovative on-chain logic aimed at a mainstream audience.


<aside> 🎮 Gaming: $50,000 in $FLOW Unleash your creativity and innovation to redefine what an on-chain gaming experience can be. From autonomous worlds to immersive multiplayer games, the possibilities are endless. Special judging bonus for users using the Flow Unity SDK.


5 Finalists:


🏆 Special Bounties:


<aside> 📱 Mobile: $50,000 in $FLOW Most of web3 is still desktop-first. It’s time that changed - this track is all about meeting the users where they are: on their phones. Whether you’re building a game, digital collectibles, or something never before seen, focus on creating a delightful mobile web3 experience that feels native, safe, and intuitive. Special judging bonus for users using Swift, Kotlin, React Native SDKs.


5 Finalists:



<aside> 🤖 AI: $50,000 in $FLOW Redefine how AI can be integrated with on-chain logic in our daily lives, by building innovative solutions that are more secure, decentralized and privacy-focused. Winners also win Azure OpenAI credits!


5 Finalists:



<aside> 💱 DeFi: $50,000 in $FLOW

Join this track to build and improve on powerful DeFi protocols that will bring financial services to everyone in the world. Special judging bonuses if your solutions extend and are interoperable with existing DeFi/NFTFi primitives (eg. IncrementalFi, Celer, Evaluate) on Flow.


5 Finalists:


General Track / Everything Else!

<aside> 🏄‍♂️ Everything else: $50,000 in $FLOW The general one, Anything goes in this track – a blank canvas to experiment with on-chain logic and the future of Web3. IoT, Manufacturing, <insert your awesome idea here>, all is welcome!


5 Finalists:

Foundational Innovation, Tooling and Infrastructure

Tracks for “Foundational Innovation”

Closely tied to our grants and RFP wishlist, this track will be dedicated to working on foundational innovations that will unlock new use-cases and opportunities.

There will also be specific wishlist items that will have extra milestone bounties.


10 finalists

Extra perks and prizes

Cross-Track Judging Bonuses

Aside from the tracks, there will be cross-track bonuses applied for submissions that follow certain criteria: