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Judging Process

The judging process involved a panel of technical judges and a panel of non-technical judges, both within and outside the Flow Ecosystem. The panel will conduct 3 rounds of judging along the criteria below: a technical round, a non-technical round, and a final prize selection round. Projects will be ranked by score, and prizes will be distributed so as to award prizes to as many different projects as possible (vs. concentrating prizes on the top projects).

Judging Criteria

There are a total of five criteria which projects will be assessed against:

Each criterion will be scored on a range of 1 to 8, with the maximum score possible being 40.

Note: exact judging criteria subject to change ahead of the official hackathon submission period.

Cross-Track Judging Bonuses

Aside from the tracks, there will be cross-track bonuses applied for submissions that follow certain criteria:


By submitting to the hackathon, you agree to the official rules: